Early Production Stages

The full-grain and suede leather skins starts its journey in the Clicking Room, where the various sections are cut by hand, passes through the Prep Room, where the highly skilled hand-sewing process takes place and decorative patterns may be punched into the toe, and onto the Closing Room, where the various elements of the upper are brought together

Production Process
Process by which a pair of Rooster League shoes comes to life at our Spanish workshop is to see traditional craftsmanship and genuine skill in action.
From the first step – the initial selection and quality checking of the calf skins – through to completion of the final product, the quality of the raw materials and the fine attention to detail is always evident.

Lasting, stitching, finishing processes

The completed upper is then transferred to the Assembly and Lasting Room, where the shoe begins to take its shape on the last, before heading into the Making Room where the signature hand-stiching Blake construction process imbues the shoes with their well known durability. Only after this can the shoes proceed to the Finishing Room, where many of the finer artisanal elements are added, before the finishing touches are applied in the Shoe Room.    It’s a journey that takes some weeks, and many man-hours of painstaking labour, but the result is a pair of fine men’s shoes – beautifully crafted, unmistakably Rooster League.